The New Mexico 911 (NM911) Program is responsible for providing technical and administrative support of the program as well as oversight of the geospatial data services for better emergency response to ensure the safety of New Mexico citizens and property.

The NM911 Program contracted with the Earth Data Analysis Center at the University of New Mexico and Bohannan Huston, Inc. to provide geospatial integration services for the Program.

Earth Data Analysis Center is responsible for securely acquiring GIS data from identified GeoData Providers, verify and validate data, process to convert those to statewide master dataset, generate assessment reports identifying errors or discrepancies per NM911 standards, and provide reports back to the geodata providers.

Bohannan Huston, Inc. is responsible for clipping the statewide master dataset to each of the PSAP boundaries, crosswalk data per the PSAP Map Server software requirements, and update PSAP map services for emergency response.

NM911 GIS Data Standards

Reference Data Standards

GIS Training


Funding Eligible Items

All NM911 Program funding decisions are determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information, refer to PSAP Manager’s Guide and Reimbursement Requests.

NM911 GIS Funding Flyer (PDF)

NM911 GIS Equipment & Software Reimbursement Request Form (MS Word)

CategoryGuidance and Criteria
ESRI Software, Maintenance and UpgradesESRI software purchase and maintenance is reimbursable from the E-911 Fund. Approval for licensing must be constrained to those that directly relate to E-911 support activities.
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop BasicThis is the standard “GIS software” package funded by the NM911 Program for approved GIS data sources or support personnel. This version will serve the GIS needs of a high percentage of PSAPs in New Mexico and in almost all cases has been funded already.
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop StandardRequests for Standard Desktop software or upgrade licensing will be considered on a case-by-case basis where a clearly documented justification and skill set are in place.
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop AdvancedRequests for Advanced Desktop licensing or upgrade will be considered on a case-by-case basis where a clearly documented justification and skill set are in place.
TrainingGIS related training requests should be made using the “NM E-911 Travel & Training Reimbursement Request Form”
ESRI Web-based TrainingsThese trainings are eligible for reimbursement and require pre-approved. It is up to the data source to arrange their scheduling and up-front payment.
GIS courses through colleges and training / learning institutionsCourses must directly benefit GIS data improvement and the PSAP supported by the GIS data source. All requests for these trainings must be pre-approved by the E-911 GIS Program Manager. Reimbursement to the fiscal agent will come out of the PSAP GIS Discretionary Budget.
ESRI Instructor-led TrainingsDFA funded ESRI and other instructor-led courses are periodically offered. GIS data sources will be notified when these courses are scheduled. A minimal signup quorum (typically 8 students) will be required to hold the classes.
Other Training OptionsGIS related courses recommended by the GIS Training Committee are eligible for reimbursement, provided they provide benefit to the data used in locating a 911 caller. Topics can include production, maintenance, and advanced techniques. A list of specific courses can be provided by the GIS Affiliate of the NMAC. Vendor provided training for GPS equipment is also eligible for reimbursement.
GIS EquipmentPer paragraph of the E-911 Rule, GIS equipment can be funded by the E-911 Fund. However, due to budget constraints, funding of GIS Equipment is limited. If pre-approved, the E-911 Program may fund GIS equipment items through cash reimbursement to the fiscal agent and funds will come out of the PSAP GIS Discretionary Budget. Request should be accompanied by the E-911 Program GIS Equipment & Software Reimbursement Request Form and quotes for the requested equipment.
Laptops & desktop computers for GIS (3 year replacement cycle)These items may be requested. Simultaneous requests for laptops and desktops are discouraged and must be justified.
Tablet, smartphone, and future technologies (3 year replacement cycle)These items are generally not considered powerful enough for GIS applications. Requests must be justified.
Plotters & printers (3 year replacement cycle)These items may be requested. Requests must be justified by the PSAP manager and GIS personnel.
GPS Receivers (3 year replacement cycle)These items may be requested. “Survey grade” GPS equipment will be reimbursed at the cost of lesser equipment that could have done the job for 911. Full reimbursement for “survey grade” equipment will not be authorized. The difference between the cost of “survey grade” and “911 grade” equipment is the responsibility of the purchasing agency, not the E-911 Program.
GIS “Special Projects”GIS “Special Projects” are those data collection, quality assurance, and “clean up” projects that are intended to bring data up to acceptable quality standards. At their own expense, local governments can choose to fund a special project at any time using the State Price Agreement (SPA) for GIS services. E-911 Funds may be used to fund special projects on a case-by-case basis and with significant justification and assurance that the “clean” data will be maintained. A special project funding request is subject to the highest level of scrutiny with the items listed in section 2.0 above and will require a 50% cost sharing commitment from the requesting entity. PSAP Manager and/or GIS data providers must contact the GIS Program Manager to discuss the possibility of a special project.

Funding Ineligible Items

Major CategoryReason
Microsoft Office SuiteNot funded by the E-911 Program. Note this applies to the full suite. MS Excel and other applications can be funded as a stand-alone application with justification.
Signs and sign making equipmentNot funded by the E-911 Program.
ESRI Concurrent Software LicensesNot funded by the E-911 Program. However, if a concurrent ESRI license is used, then an entity may request reimbursement for the amount of a single seat license of the same product.
Map Books For Emergency RespondersNot funded by the E-911 Program.
Postage for Address Change NotificationsNot funded by the E-911 Program.
Address PlacardsNot funded by the E-911 Program.
General education & training Not funded by the E-911 Program.
GIS Conferences & Quarterly GIS Affiliate meetings Not funded by the E-911 Program.
Pictometry softwareNot an allowable E-911 funded expense.
Tablet, smartphone, and future technologiesThese items may be approved upon justification and review for proven value to the program.
Specific Training Courses
Raster/Remote Sensing Base TrainingAlthough this type of data may have value, funds for training on this type of data are not available from the E-911 Program.
Land InformationAlthough this type of data may have value, funds for training on this type of data are not available from the E-911 Program.